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The retail industry is rapidly changing its course, Innovation in software, wireless devices and ePOS (electronics Point of Sale) Stations have started to merge in every retail location. The smartphone revolution has had a massive impact to that phenomenon and many retailers have tried to differentiate themselves from their competitors in order to stay ahead of the curve by implementing a smart retail platform.

New technologies are transforming shopper expectations and changing the shopping experience, stores are becoming more advanced and sophisticated, wireless hardware is deployed to enable free communication without any physical boundaries. If it’s to adjust shelf pricing or check inventory and even direct shoppers using LED display.

One of the most common ways of monitoring is to use an Active Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag; it’s a wireless system that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data from an attached tag, for the purposes of automatic identification and tracking.

Active tags require battery power to emit the radio waves; the electronically stored data on the tag can be then read from several meters away.

RFID tags are used in many industries, from automotive assembly line to milking and Livestock monitoring.

An active shelf inventory tracking system uses active RFID tagging for conducting continuous inventory counts in retail stores, warehouses, pharmacies, etc. these RFID tags are continuously updating and transmitting the data to the monitoring system and eventually their battery runs out and need a replacement.

In such cases Sol Chip’s Everlasting Solar Battery enables the supply of continuous power over an extended time period to enable the use of active RFID without routine maintenance procedures.

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