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Wireless Sensors play an important role in today’s agriculture. There is an increasing demand for production and simultaneously the efforts for minimizing the environmental impact and for saving costs make the sensor systems the best-allied tool. The use of sensors helps to monitor nutrients in the soil, humidity, temp, density of weeds and all factors affecting the production are been monitored to get better control

A better use of technology can also reduce the use of chemical products such as fertilizers, herbicides and other pollution products and yield safer corps.

Deployment of wireless sensors in agriculture is still at its early stages, applications are mainly classified as: Environmental Monitoring, Precision Agriculture and Traceability Systems (RFID).

Environmental monitoring – This segment refers to field measurements of environment variables, such as Weather data, Water quality etc. that are still depend on stationary sensors and dataloggers, and records are done manually which requires high labor costs and subject of human errors.

Precision agriculture - Wireless sensors have been used in precision agriculture to monitor and collect data of soil water availability, soil compaction, soil fertility, leaf temperature, leaf area index, plant water status, local climate data, insect-disease-weed infestation etc.

Traceability systems (RFID) – There is an increasing demand for safety of food products by monitoring the products from the field to the consumers and for security of the machinery etc. RFID technology has been adopted as the leading technology for collecting data on product tracking. An active food tracking system uses active RFID tagging for conducting continuous inventory counts in the field, warehouses and Point of sale. these RFID tags are continuously updating and transmitting the data to the monitoring system and eventually their battery runs out and need a replacement.

In such cases Sol Chip’s Everlasting Solar Battery enables the supply of continuous power over an extended time period to enable the use of active RFID without routine maintenance procedures.

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