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In modern medicine there is a constant demand to collect data about patients’ physical, physiological and behavior, monitor medical instruments inside hospitals to reduce multiple systems or shortage, monitor hospital staff’s hygiene with a dedicated bracelet and many other applications that requires monitoring and data collection.

Wireless sensors helps address various drawbacks associated with wired sensors that are still used in hospitals these days to monitor patients. The patient is restricted whilst connected with a wire and make his stay uncomfortable and in some extreme cases feeling of apprehension.
Therefore, there is a rapid growth of wireless sensor networks in healthcare applications in the recent years. The greatest problem faced by wireless devices is energy. When portable device energy is depleted, it can no longer fulfill its role unless the source of energy is replenished. Sol-Chip redefines this challenge and shifts the balance from limited energy source to a continuous power supply using its innovative small-scale integrated solar technology.

We’ve examined the following healthcare applications and identified the power challenges they encounter when using wireless sensor for monitoring proposes. The use of Sol Chip’s Everlasting Solar Battery as an alternative power supply provides everlasting power.

  • Tracking elder people and children
  • Smart monitoring wristband
  • Hygiene bracelet
  • Hearing aids
  • Drug delivery
  • Active Pill pots (Monitor and record users behavior)
  • Active RFID tags (Tracks and monitor disoriented elderly)
  • Wireless diagnostic systems (monitoring vital parameters in patients - diabetes, heart disease etc.)
  • Wireless Asthma inhaler
  • Emergency buttons for elder people
  • Location based technology (Real-time tracking of assets and people across the Hospital)
  • And many others.
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