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Defense and security sensors are becoming more advanced and autonomous, new low power applications are invented thanks to massive reduction in power consumption. This new approach empowering new security features and enables the use of energy harvesters.

There are several segments that use wireless sensors, such as: Active smart fences, Smart home security, Agriculture security (heavy machines, livestock, etc.), Perimeter security, Intelligence (e.g. Battle field smartdust) and many others.

Active sensing elements for any of the mentioned applications needs to transmit the data to the control center where the data is then analyzed and action item is generated. For that purpose a wireless protocol is needed, in some applications the security system will include CCTV systems to offer combined detection solution to detect instant threat of potential or attempted intrusion into a site by using smart sensors and visional imaging – this method will reduce the number of false alarm and improve patrol unit dispatching protocol to check it physically unless needed.

As we encounter in today’s market, the method is to combine several energy-harvesting elements such as solar, wind etc. and mount a backup battery to prevent downtime in certain extreme scenarios. The following combination will transform the sensing element from a wire-limited element to an autonomous device that can be deployed and change position easily and without any high installation or maintenance costs.

Sol Chip’s innovative solar technology will enable wireless security sensors to keep their small form factor when adding our solar device comparing to standard PV panels.

Possible security applications

  • Outdoor home security
  • Agriculture security (heavy machines, livestock, etc.)
  • Urban security – Smart cities/ Safe cities
  • Perimeter security (Smart fences & barriers)

Military needs

  • Weapons (e.g. Individual “Black box”)
  • Intelligence (e.g. Battle field smartdust)
  • And many others
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