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Dowell Property Holdings

The Group(formerly known as Doxen Energy Group Limited 東星能源集團有限公司)was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited in 1990. In October 2009, Mr Lo Siu Yu, through his wholly owned private company, acquired 64.98% equity interest in the Group and became the substantial shareholder and Chairman of the Group. The new Board of Directors, led by Mr Lo, believed the catering business is facing great difficulties under the current economic environment within Hong Kong. The potential for expansion is restrained by the constantly rising rental expenses and staff costs, so material growth in this industry may not be possible. Thus, the new Board, on the one hand, decided to rely on the original management to run and improve the existing catering business, and on the other hand, proactively seek other potential development and investment opportunities. In a major strategic initiative, the Group has completed the acquisition of 70% equity interest of Chongqing Baoxu Commercial Property Management Limited (“Chongqing Baoxu”) in August 2012. Chongqing Baoxu is principally engaged in the investment holding of the Dong Dong Mall shopping complex in Chongqing and the progress marked by the acquisition has amply demonstrated its efforts and capabilities in developing the new property investment business. To better reflect the direction and business field that the Group has entered and enhance its positioning, it has changed the English and Chinese names of the Company from " Doxen Energy Group Limited 東星能源集團有限公司" to "Dowell Property Holdings Limited 東原地產控股有限公司" effective November 2012.

Trendlines Group

The Trendlines Group establishes, invests in, and develops innovation-based medical and agritech businesses. Seed-stage investors, The Trendlines Group invests principally through a platform of Israeli government-licensed business accelerators, Misgav Venture Accelerator and Mofet Venture Acclerator. The Trendlines Group establishes companies at the intersection of unmet market need and inspired innovation in what is surely the most exciting environment in the world: Israel.

Joseph Capital LLC

Joseph Capital LLC is an investment bank headquartered in Midtown Manhattan. Its core team is comprised of eight bankers with experience from Citigroup, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers, Alliance Bernstein, JP Morgan, NYSE, Credit Suisse and DFJ. JoCap's team specialises in Private Placements, Corporate Finance Advisory and Product Structuring. JoCap's bankers have raised nine figures of capital for clients throughout the world. We apply a high degree of selectivity in our project selection and have a dual interest in making a positive difference and in yielding positive results. Several of our team members have extensive experience as investors in private equity and venture investing and are able to bring an investor's discerning eye to each situation.


Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) has established an internal venture unit, currently named KARAT (the Hebrew acronym for "Accelerating Technological Ideas") which provides a framework of investment and support services to develop,  advance,  and commercialise innovative ideas in energy-related fields. This initiative follows the growing global need for solutions of "green" (clean) electric energy, lower energy costs and higher system efficiency,  with the objective of decreasing global dependency on carbon fuels. KARAT invites entrepreneurs, “Innovators, ” inventors and others to submit ideas and proposals in energy-related fields. 

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