X Mineral: a new precision agriculture project from Google

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February 6, 2021
Sol Chip unveils the SolTag, a new wireless sensing and control platform
March 9, 2021

X Development (formerly known as “Google X”) recently introduced project Mineral, an effort to “develop new technologies to help build a more sustainable, resilient, and productive food system.” They realized that precision agriculture needs a complete picture – from weather data to soil, plant health, irrigation and much more.

They developed a prototype solar-powered “plant buggy” that rolls through the fields, inspecting crops up close. As described, the buggy has “sophisticated cameras and machine perception tools [that] can identify issues in the field and analyze plant traits.” as well as a GPS system that can map the exact location of plants in the field.

Many years from now, we might see X buggies roaming around the globe, but for those that need precision agriculture sensors today – including those that go deep into the ground – the Sol-Chip SolTag provides an immediate solution.