Sol Chip unveils the SolTag, a new wireless sensing and control platform

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March 8, 2021
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HAIFA, Israel and MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, Mar 9th, 2021. Today, Sol Chip, a leading precision agriculture company and inventor of the LightChip™. announced the immediate availability of the SolTag™, a new autonomous sensing and control platform. The SolTag provides maintenance-free remote monitoring and control of sensors, valves and relays, delivering unmatched flexibility for precision agriculture and IoT applications.

Built with the patented LightChip and a unique power management circuitry, the SolTag can operate autonomously without battery replacements for at least ten years. The SolTag reads data from a wide range of sensors, sends and receives data from the cloud every five minutes, and has enough energy to power connected valves and switches.

A flexible data architecture allows sensing and control from the Sol Chip user interface, a robust API, or through third-party systems. This makes the SolTag easy to integrate with existing sensors and systems

SolTag in Precision Agriculture

One key application of the SolTag is precision agriculture, a process by which farmers and growers use smart sensors and systems to produce more with less, to increase quality and quantity while using less water and fewer chemicals. Precision agriculture requires frequent sensing of many crop-specific parameters: from soil moisture to fruit size, from salinity to stem water potential. Data from these sensors streams to smart systems that recommend irrigation and fertilization schedules. Accepted recommendations need to be faithfully executed by controlling various valves and relays in the field.

The SolTag device provides a perfect solution for these requirements. Unlike other systems that only work with a handful of sensors, the SolTag can connect to multiple simultaneous sensors out of dozens and dozens of options. Unlike other solutions that use expensive or range-limited RF or cellular communications, SolTag uses license-free bi-directional LoRaWAN communications to send data to central gateways up to 10 miles away. And unlike other solutions that require manual operation of valves, SolTag collects enough energy to directly drive valves and switches and thus provide a complete closed-loop solution.

SolTag’s energy harvesting and control circuitry allow the unit to operate both outdoors as well as in greenhouse environments without routing cables, replacing batteries, deploying large solar panels or other impractical forms of installation and maintenance.

SolTag in Industrial IoT Applications

Applications such as preventive maintenance, asset tracking, remote security, and smart cities also need an autonomous, wireless solution that can interface with vibration sensors, environmental monitoring sensors, and utility meters while providing reliable and cost-effective communications indoor or outdoor. The SolTag answers these requirements as well, providing a small, easy-to-install, flexible data collection and control unit.

Starter Kits and Research Bundles

The SolTag is immediately available both as a standalone device or as part of ready-to-go evaluation and research kits that combine SolTag units, pre-configured sensors, and LoRaWAN gateways. For additional information, visit