Building on its sales momentum, Sol Chip launches a crowdfunding campaign

Sol Chip unveils the SolTag, a new wireless sensing and control platform
March 9, 2021
Sol Chip partners with Soonapse to deliver a comprehensive solution for automatic and crop-specific irrigation management
April 6, 2021

HAIFA, Israel and MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, Mar 28h, 2021. Today, Sol Chip, a leading precision agriculture company and inventor of the LightChip™. announced that it has launched a crowdfunding campaign to accelerate its growth.

Details can be seen at the ExitValley campaign link here

Over the past few months, Sol Chip has taken several important steps to bolster its position in the emerging precision agriculture market, including:

  • Launching the new SolTag precision agriculture measurement and control product
  • Raising additional funds from new investors
  • Signing collaboration agreements regarding new and innovative software packages

As a result of the excellent market reception of these initiatives, Sol Chip determined that it would be appropriate to welcome interested investors from the general public to participate in its success, thus launching the ExitValley crowdfunding campaign.