Upgrade your sensing infrastructure without starting from scratch

Sol Chip partners with Soonapse to deliver a comprehensive solution for automatic and crop-specific irrigation management
April 6, 2021

If you are looking to upgrade your sensor and precision agriculture infrastructure, here are two quick ways to do it without spending a fortune:

If you are using standalone sensors, such as flow meters and pressure sensors, consider connecting them to the ‘cloud’ by adding LoRaWAN data loggers. These can often connect to existing sensors and turn local sensors into sensors that can be monitored remotely. Remote monitoring not only saves the effort of reading the sensors in the field but can also add alerts and historical analysis.

If you are using older communications technologies (such as 3G cellular) such as for weather stations, your sensors might come offline soon as 3G is being sunset. Instead of purchasing completely new weather stations, replace the 3G cellular with LoRaWAN communications which give you great coverage without monthly service fees. Such solutions can help save money both upfront as well on the monthly fees.

Consider these cost-conscious alternatives to starting from scratch