Light Chip™

Sol Chip’s innovative technology harvests light or solar energy to enable autonomous operation of devices and systems. Sol Chip’s patented technology integrates a photovoltaic panel and optimized voltage regulation circuitry on a single chip, ready to be directly installed onto a PCB.

The result is a small and efficient solar module that is easy to integrate and decreases design complexity.

Solar Battery™

By combining the Light Chip, a rechargeable battery and advanced power management circuitry, Sol-Chip is able to produce a highly-efficient solar-powered battery. This module includes all the components that are required to harvest energy from light, store and efficiently use it.

This unique design will continue to provide power for 24 hours a day during summer and winter for over 10 years. It harvest light charge rechargeable battery and then delivers stable voltage to the load, while providing bursts of higher power when needed.

Everlasting IoT LoRaWAN Solar Tag

Say goodbye to external solar panels, battery changes or maintenance in general. Through years of hard work, we succeeded in building an everlasting IoT tag.

Interface with dozens of different types of sensors. Control switches and valves. With an integrated LoRAWan module, our Solar Tag technology includes bi-directional communications to gateways up to 10 miles away.


Based on extensible open-source frameworks, our portal aggregates data from numerous sensors and provides automatic or manual control of valves and switches.

With the flexible graphic interace, get near real-time data that helps you make smart decisions. The platform can continuously monitor your sensors and take action - or send alerts - when needed. All your current and historical information can be found in one easy-to-use secure Web portal.

Our extensive and robust API allows you to connect the data to other systems of your choice. Beyond the Sol Chip GUI, for instance, you can connect our systems to Microsoft FarmBeats, to Amazon or Google clouds, or even to your own software. Contact us to learn more about our flexible API

Sol Chip architecture