Sol Chip is an energy-harvesting company that has developed a cost-effective, maintenance free Everlasting Solar Battery. The compact battery can supply energy for the lifetime of low-power devices. Sol Chip's technology provides a platform for disruptive applications such as precision agriculture, Internet of Things (IoT) and many more. Sol Chip's innovative technology is designed to enable autonomous operation of devices and systems powered by a Plug n' Play solar energy sources.
Active RFID
Sol Chip's technology abolishes the problems and disadvantages of an active RFID tags. Today’s active tags cannot function without battery power, which limits their lifetime. The long-term maintenance costs for an active RFID tag are greater than those of a passive tag due to battery replacements. Battery outages in an active tag can result in expensive misreads.
Security Sensors
Defense and security sensors are becoming more advanced and autonomous, new low power applications are invented thanks to massive reduction in power consumption. This new approach empowering new security features and enables the use of energy harvesters; Sol Chip’s technology provides freedom to numerous security applications where wires are mostly expansive or simply not feasible.
Agriculture Sensors
Wireless Sensors play an important role in today’s agriculture. There is an increasing demand for production and simultaneously an effort to minimize the environmental impact. The use of sensors helps monitoring nutrients in the soil, temp, humidity and density of weeds, all factors affecting the production are been controlled to reduce the use of chemical products and save on growing costs.
Livestock Sensors
Wireless Sensors have change cattle monitoring from the traditional way to a much more advanced and sophisticated way of monitoring of an individual animal and its condition. This new approach allows the monitoring of the animal movement, combine rumination, heat detection and cow identification functionality to give farmers a revolutionary tool to monitor their animal 24/7.
Medical Applications
Healthcare costs are rising all over the world, it’s propelled a shift towards modern and advance healthcare. Companies start developing intelligent and portable devices, where a wireless sensors technology plays a significant role in the new designs. Engineers have push the envelop with innovative products using low power portable devices that can derive power for an energy harvester to extend it’s lifespan and reduces battery dependence.
Wireless sensors are becoming a significant factor in many applications. Many low power wireless sensor platforms have entered the marketplace and are mainly operating on batteries, in order for wireless sensors to become a ubiquitous part of our environment, alternative power sources must be employed.

News & Events

The 4th Israeli Power Sources Conference

Dr. Shani Keysar, Sol Chip's CEO will talk at the event and will introduce “Sol-Chip Everlasting Light battery"

Sol-Chip's Everlasting Solar Battery powering Dust Networks

Sol-Chip's Everlasting Solar Battery powering Dust Networks SmartMesh IP Mote using one Sol Chip device! watch the video...

Sol Chip Takes the Best Technical Development of Energy Harvesting Award – 2013 IDTechEx event

Berlin, April 17, 2013 -- Sol Chip Ltd. is the Technical Development Award winner in the 2013 IDTechEx Energy Harvesting & Storage and Wireless Sensor Networks event.

New from Solchip

Sol-Chip™ Energy Harvester –
Sample Units

Sol Chip Energy Harvester is a unique Photo Voltaic (PV) cell which produces six selectable voltage levels: 0.75 volt, 1.5 volt, 2.25 volt, 3 volt, 4.5 volt, 9 volt.


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