Powering IoT Sustainably

We provide authonomous all-in-one chip-based systems that power sustainable IoT platforms.
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A sustainable world supported by IoT

The key challenge is how to power the world of IoT more simply and sustainably, without it costing the earth. At Sol-Chip, we push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of IoT to help solve the world’s most pressing problems, untangling the complexity with affordable and connected platforms.

The perfect solution for powering IoT

Based on a patented light-harvesting chip, Sol-Chip provides solutions with everlasting battery as well as a maintenance-free IoT platform.
IoT Autonomous Tags
Sustainable data collection from numerous sensors. Control and communication of 3rd party systems with everlasting energy and zero maintenance, saving resources
LoRaWan Communication
LoRaWan Communication Reliable two-way, long-range, non-cellular communications, easily scalable and covers a wide range
Data Management
Augmenting and managing all sensing data from the field with a uniform, centralized approach to allow end-to-end digitalization of any farming cycle
AI Services
Data support systems for irrigation and fertilization operations

Our story

Sol-Chip helps making the dream of IoT sustainable and affordable through its unique everlasting battery systems based on light chips that provide autonomous operation in the field.

Fifteen years ago, our goal was to bring solar power to the countryside in order to protect the environment from pollution with clean energy. Since then, the company has used its unique technology to help power up IoT sustainably in other fields, while dramatically reducing labor, water and fertilizers as well as increasing yield.

We bring the dynamism of a startup with the expertise of an established company and are passionate about coming up with creative solutions to solve our customers’ most complex issues.

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Our segments

Field Agriculture
Weather Stations
Solar Power Farms

Our customers

We have hundreds of systems installed worldwide

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