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We develop sustainable energy solutions that make IoT simple, ecological and affordable

Driving the global sustainability initiatives powered by IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT), the convergence of the digital and physical worlds, is one of the fundamental trends underlying the digital transformation of the global economy.

It is now embedded in the lives of consumers and the operations of enterprises and governments. The key challenge is how to power the world of IoT more simply and sustainably, without it costing the earth. At Sol-Chip, we help maximize IoT’s potential to create a more sustainable world, across all industries, by enabling IoT devices to run more effectively for longer, using minimal resources.

Light chips, light years ahead

Sol-Chip’s autonomous all-in-one chip-based solutions power sustainable IoT platforms,
closing the gap between advanced technologies and remote areas with less developed infrastructure, regardless of electricity supply. The Company’s solutions are environmentally friendly and offer efficient two-way data communication and data management services.

Compatibility with multiple verticals

Smart Cities
Industry 4.0
Dual Use

Our business units


Energy savings for commercial properties

Due to the climate crisis and climate change, Sol-Chip has developed a digital platform for PropTech IoT, to enable control of hot water radiators in commercial assets, with huge energy savings. The unit will be launched in the next quarters of 2022-2023.

An experienced startup offering tech excellence

An Israeli company owned by VCs and private investors, SolChip has a highly experienced, dedicated team, a wide product portfolio with 8 patented solutions and technologies, and hundreds of systems installed worldwide for a variety of segments. For our clients, we go the extra mile, customizing solutions according to their needs. We excel at providing creative solutions to the most complex challenges, balancing the agility of a startup with the expertise of an experienced company.

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