Based on a patented light-harvesting chip, Sol Chip provides an everlasting battery as well as a maintenance-free IoT platform.

Key Applications

IoT sensors


Reduce maintenance costs

• No batteries to replace or recharge
• No wires to run
• Deliver power to remote places
• Everlasting sensors

Trusted by

  • "The Sol-Chip data collection and transmission systems allow us to monitor air temperature and humidity of our vines, make informed decisions about irrigation, and smartly apply other individual treatments for each plot."
    Golan Heights Winery
  • "We're quite excited about integrating our remote monitoring units with Sol Chip's SCP™. We are always searching for innovative green energy technologies that can be embedded into our products. By cooperating with Sol-Chip, we can deliver benefits both to the environment and to growers on a daily basis." "
    Lior Doron