Smart agriculture solutions

Sol-Chip’s solutions enable customers to manage variations in the field, increasing productivity,
while saving resources.


Light years ahead

Sol-Chip’s platform harvests energy for ultra-low power systems, collecting light at very low light conditions, with no need for direct sunlight. With a solution based on its patent-protected Everlasting Light Battery, ultra-low power design and power management expertise, Sol-Chip enables IoT sensors and actuators to continuously operate for 10-20 years without the need for an external power source or battery replacement.

Closing the digital loop for any farming cycle

Collector & controller
IoT Autonomous Tags

Sol-Chip’s sustainable energy and communication IoT platform connects sensors and actuators in the field.

Our Soltag interfaces with dozens of different types of sensors. The solar-powered maintenance-free IoT system enables crop yield increases, while saving users considerable resources such as water, fertilizers, and manpower.

LoRaWAN Communication

With an integrated LoRAWan module, our Solar Tag technology includes bi-directional communications over 10 miles away.

As LoRaWAN does not rely on a cellular network, there is minimal cost of communication between sensors, gateway and the cloud – and ultimately lower monthly running costs.

Taking data from sensors
and sending it to the cloud
Data Management

Our portal aggregates data from numerous sensors and provides automatic or manual control of valves and switches.

With the flexible graphic interface, users receive near real-time data decisions that helps them make smart decisions. The platform can continuously monitor sensors and take action – or send alerts – when needed. All current and historical information can be found in a secure, easy-to-use web portal.

Decision support
system “app store”
AI Services

A wide range of systems are available from Sol-Chip and our partners, allowing the optimization of a particular crop, its growing conditions and geography.

We currently support automated irrigation recommendations for the following crops: Alfalfa, Asparagus, Broccoli, Cabbage, Corn, Dates, Favebean, Grapes, Lavender, Melon, Potato, Rosemary, Rice, Soybean, Thistle, Tomato, and Zucchini.

Sustainable key benefits

Eliminate batteries
Reduce wiring
Minimal maintenance
Save water
Reduce chemicals
Decrease costs
Increase yield
Let’s power the future of IoT together
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