Sol Chip Comm™ (SCC-S433)

Enabling Autonomous and Maintenance Free Wireless Sensors

SCC-S433 is an ultra-compact maintenance-free solar-powered wireless tag. SCC-S433 powers, controls, and wirelessly connects to the cloud a wide variety of sensors.

The SCC-S433 Wireless Solar Tag Offers Many Advantages:

  • Enables autonomous operation of your sensors – no batteries, no wires
  • Solar-powered by Sol Chip's LightBatteryTMsup> unique technology
  • Internal energy storage
  • Multiple transmissions per day
  • 10 years 24/7 continuous and maintenance free operation
  • Small size (13x8x4cm)
  • Simple out of the box installation and reinstallation. No need for tooling, network technician, etc.
  • All weather outdoor deployment
  • Low cost
  • Hundreds of SCC-S433 tags are wirelessly connected to a single Sol Chip Wireless Gateway over license-free 433MHz radio
  • Wireless range up to 1,500m
  • Automatic, periodical upload of sensors data to the cloud
  • Supports all major sensors interfaces (digital, analog)


The Ultimate Solution for IoT Applications that Require Autonomous Sensor Operation in Outdoor Wireless Sensor Networks, Including:

  • Precision Agriculture – Soil moisture, air humidity and temperature, nutrients level, light radiation etc. – open fields and greenhouses
  • Smart Cities – Smart parking sensors, smart waste bin sensors, occupancy sensors etc.
  • Asset Positioning and Tracking – heavy machinery and construction equipment, airport equipment, containers etc.
  • Surveillance – security and safety sensors: movement, volume, displacement, etc.
  • Environmental Monitoring – gas sensors, fire sensors, pollution, pollen, floods detectors
  • Smart Grid – power grid monitoring, water infrastructure monitoring, etc.
  • Oil and Gas – pipe monitoring against corrosion, welding defects, and theft


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