Sol Chip Pak™ (SCP)

Sol Chip Pak™ offers 24/7/365 non-stop function by using Solar cells, a Rechargeable Battery and advanced Power Management circuitry. This unique design will continue to provide power for 24 hours a day during summer and winter for over 10 years.

This power module includes all the components that are required to harvest energy from light, charge rechargeable battery and deliver a stable voltage to the Load.

Simply disconnect the traditional batteries from your application and plug in the SCP and you have a power source that replenish and recharge itself from any visible light.

For more technical information please download the product datasheet from our website.

Key Features

  • Sol Chip Pak™ integrates Solar Cells with Rechargeable Battery and Power Management circuitry.
  • Recharge the internal battery from outdoor light.
  • Provides power for 24 hours a day, even during harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Output voltage is set to vary between 2.5V-3.5V by default.
  • Output voltage can be altered based on the application.
  • Average output current of up to 750 uAmp from the integrated Solar cells.
  • Up to 1.5 Amp peak output current.
  • Rechargeable battery capacity of 1100mAh.
  • Boxed solution enclose in a weatherproof box.

  • Applications

    Wireless Sensor Networks for:

  • Smart Cities - Smart lighting, smart parking etc.
  • Agriculture - Drip irrigation, Vineyard monitoring etc.
  • Asset Positioning and Tracking - Equipment, Containers etc.
  • Livestock positioning, monitoring and tracking, pets tracking.
  • Surveillances, security and safety.
  • Environmental Monitoring - Gas, Fire, pollution & floods detectors.
  • Structural health Monitoring.
  • Power grid Monitoring
  • Gas-pipes Monitoring
  • Transportation - Cars/Tracks authentication, Toll Roads management (EZPass), Bicycles alert, Sports equipment etc.

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