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Livestock Sensors

Internet of Everything
August 19, 2020
Security Sensors
August 19, 2020
Farms are in need of better control systems to monitor cattle in an open area. They wish to increase efficiency in the milking process and maximize the number of milking sessions for each cow in a single day.
Wireless sensors are deployed in several ways, either as static networks deployed to measure soil moisture and cow movement or mobile sensors that move together on individual animals, monitoring animal behavior, health, temperature, and other important parameters.
There are several research academic and commercial companies that develop and test methods of monitoring and collecting the information. There is substantial momentum to move from passive solutions to the more advanced monitoring elements.
Despite the advantages in using an active collar for monitoring, there are prohibitive costs to maintain battery-operated devices. This is often because collars are sealed to prevent malfunction, so replacing the battery requires breaking the seal and then re-sealing it .
Sol Chip’s Everlasting Solar Battery solves this issue. It enables continuous, maintenance-free power delivery to prolong battery life and cut on maintenance costs.