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Security Sensors

Livestock Sensors
August 19, 2020
Other Applications
August 19, 2020
Security sensors are becoming increasingly connected, sophisticated and autonomous. There are many applications for such wireless sensors: active fencing, smart home security, agriculture security (heavy machines, livestock, etc.), perimeter security.
Active sensing elements need to transmit the data to the cloud or a central hub where the data is analyzed and action items are triggered. A wireless protocol is needed and, in turn, energy is needed to enable such wireless communications. In some applications, sensors might include cameras as a way to provide additional information and reduce the number of false alarms.
To provide longer operation and reduce maintenance costs, one wishes to harvest energy from solar or other sources to trickly-charge the battery, Energy consumption often limits functionality, so the availability of never-ending energy can enable new and innovative capabilities. For instance, edge processing, higher update rates or active sensors can all be enabled if more energy is available.
Sol Chip’s innovative solar battery enables wireless security sensors to retain a small form factor as compared to adding an external solar panels. The result is a highly-integrated unit with elevated functionality and a small form factor